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Basic E-Collar Training | Ebook

Basic E-Collar Training | Ebook

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Please Note:

Your dog needs to have a solid foundational understanding of the following commands: “SIT!”, “DOWN!”, “PLACE!” and “RECALL” before you begin introducing the e-collar. Additionally, this is not an off-leash program. This e-book is designed to increase reliability with known commands on a short or long line, improve issues with leash reactivity, and stop unwanted behaviours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is iTrainK9 the right company for me?

If your dog is displaying poor behaviour such as jumping, counter-surfing, leash reactivity, house manners, pulling on the leash, lack of obedience or you are just looking to get your new puppy trained ITK9 is the right place for you! We are looking to work with clients who see the value in having a well-trained dog and who dedicate a portion of their day, everyday to training and improving the relationship they have with their dogs!

Can you guarantee results?

Yes! we can guarantee that we will show a positive change in your dog's behaviour and obedience but it is up to you to maintain these improvements once you are home. we ensure to make maintaining the improvements as easy as possible by providing you with a plethora of educational content, online platform, private lessons, etc. we will not leave you hanging.

How old does my dog have to be to start your puppy training program?

12 weeks is the minimum age as long as they are fully vaccinated

What shots or medications does my dog need to join your program?

Rabies, Boardatelle, Distemper, Fecal Float, Parvo, Tick Medication (proof of up-to-date) and Forti Flora (started 2 days before drop off). We also require a health screen from your vet to ensure your dog is in good health

What tools do you use?

We use a variety of tools but we mainly use the prong collar, e collar, flat collar, place mat, short and long leash, high value rewards and the crate. All of these tools help us teach your dog all of his/her skills and allow us to be crystal clear with our communication.

What type of training do you use?

Permission-based training and reward-based balanced training. In our opinion these are the most highly effective training there is when it comes to training a calm and well-mannered family pet.

Will my dog remember me after the Board and Train?

Yes, of course! Your dog will not only remember you, but once you implement the new structure and lifestyle at home, they will trust, respect and love you much more than before.

Will My Dog Regress At Home?

When your dog returns home, the training will continue, and it is essential to stay committed and apply the training to your daily routine to prevent regression. We provide you with educational courses, instructional videos, trainer support, and access to our members-only community so that you can continue successfully training your dog at home.

Will your dog be groomed during their stay?

Your dog will have a bath at the end of the program and we will trim your dog’s nails and brush if need be. We recommend dogs with hair that is easily matted to be trimmed down or shaved before program start.